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Continuing the SEL & DEI Conversation

Carmel Clay Schools are excelling academically. Now we can explore the facts about DEI and SEL including evidence showing their academic benefits and their value as employability skills.

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A Look at CCS Elementary Scores

Are Carmel Clay schools failing? Of course not. Some school board candidates say they are and use ILEARN data to make their claim. In our previous post, An Analysis of CCS Results, we used the data to explain why the claim that CCS is failing is completely false. But when you look more closely at the data, the issue is a bit more complicated, involving differences in individual schools, different student populations, and a thing called the Pandemic. Although an analysis of the data by school confirms that CCS has remained a top-performing school, even with the pandemic, there are opportunities for us to continue building on that success, particularly with certain student populations.

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Letter: Appreciative of social emotional learning at CCS

Being kind and social and understanding how to get through negative emotions, bad days and stressful interpersonal situations, are life skills that will aid our children not only throughout their time in public school, but well into their adult years.

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