Our Mission

Support CCS is a non-partisan political action committee working to support Carmel Clay Schools. We believe that public education is the foundation of a healthy democracy: accessible to all, it brings communities together across differences while respecting the individuality of its citizens.  We therefore seek to support the election of school board candidates who will fulfill the mission and guiding principles of Carmel Clay Schools.  

Our Values

Any candidate we support will be committed to:

  1. Academic excellence for all students
  2. Fostering and enhancing school safety
  3. Preparing students to be leaders in a globalized world
  4. Supporting the mental health and wellness of all students
  5. Promoting parent partnerships, transparency, and accountability in school leadership
  6. Supporting teachers as respected professionals vital to student success

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These candidates will also embody the Guiding Principles of Carmel Clay Schools

  • Students are at the center of every decision.
  • A safe, non-threatening learning environment is essential.
  • Students’ academic, social, emotional, and physical needs must be addressed.
  • Students and employees excel when held to high personal standards and expectations.

  • High quality employees are vital to the success of our organization.
  • Effective teaching and learning requires continuous improvement.
  • Diverse opportunities benefit all students.
  • Open and transparent communication maintains stakeholder trust.
  • Parent and community involvement enhances student learning.
  • Fiscal responsibility is fundamental to achieving our vision.

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