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Vote on Facts

Check out our fact sheet to make sense of the issues in this year’s school board election.

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Letter: Carmel school board candidate ‘a gem’

The following letter to the editor was sent to Current in Carmel. The letter has been published here with the permission of the original author.

I am writing regarding the Carmel Clay school board candidates. I have two kids in Carmel Clay Schools, and I am so thrilled to see Kristin Kouka on the list for District 1.


Kristin is a gem! She is extremely qualified for this position, as she has three kids, is a small business owner, a speech therapist and intimately involved and invested in improving kids’ mental health in our community. She is level-headed, a good communicator, reliable, inclusive, kind and honest. She is not afraid to take a stand and has always been one to speak up for what is right, but in a respectful way.

Kristin has a huge heart. She will do what is best for all kids in our community and will also be an extra special voice for neurodiverse students.

Kathy Shreve, Carmel

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ANNOUNCEMENT: 2022 Candidate Endorsements

Support CCS is proud to announce our endorsement of the following candidates for Carmel Clay School Board!

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